Women innovators being short-changed

Innovators Magazine published our article on investment in women led start and scale ups. In summary, we need to work on the root causes of inequality in investment, a long and difficult road, but without that focus, many of today’s measures and policies will have a limited lasting effect.

The inequality is not only ethically wrong, it also means that a very large part of our economic capacity and productivity is not used, which is neither acceptable or efficient.  

The ultimate goal should be that the ‘business as usual’ is real equality, without specific support and incentives. A careful balance between shorter term downstream actions and long-term actions addressing cultural change and the root causes is needed. The complexity, lack of deep knowledge and understanding, together with the long term considerations, are some of the reasons policy makers and politicians tend to focus more on the downstream actions. Wominvest does not have the illusion that it can single handedly take away the root causes, but by creating broader awareness, building deeper knowledge and reducing fragmentation, we are committed to making a serious contribution to putting the change in motion.

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